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Happy New Year!!

happy new year everybody!! hope everyone had a great new years eve! if y'all follow my Twitter, u probably already know I spent mine in vegas w/ maroon 5... if not, now you do! :) (check out the new pic)

hope u all are already off to an awesome 2010, xoR

Upcoming Renee Performances

Renee will be performing in LA and San Francisco in early/mid July.

July 9th - Los Angeles, CA @ The Greek Theatre (w/ Chris Botti)
July 16th-19th - San Francisco, CA @ Yoshi's San Francisco (w/ Paula West)

For ticket info, visit the tour page at ReneeOlstead.com!!!

Footage From Renee on ET!

Watch Renee Olstead on Entertainment Tonight as she got ready for her big AMFar gala performance in NYC.

Renee on Entertainment Tonight!

Check out Renee on Entertainment Tonight, Monday, February 16th. Check local listings.

Check out some photos of Renee from hre big appearance at the AMFAR Benefit in New York City!

25 Things

Hey everyone!
The new album is out and things are sure picking up around here! I thought I'd take a break from packing my suitcase (I'm headed to NYC next week for promo and a performance at Anna Wintour's AMFAR gala!) to sit down and catch up with yall. A lot of my friends have been writing up these list '25 Things' lists and I thought this would be the perfect way for you to get to know me a little better. Bet you wouldn't have guessed #11 about me!
More soon,

25 Things
1. I looooove to cook and I'm addicted to the Food Network.
2. I have a slight southern accent that gets increasingly stronger the longer I spend @ home in Texas.
3. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
4. I have a rescued pit bull named Ella Fitzgerald.
5. For years I thought I was 5'3 1/2 but I recently found out that I'm actually 5'2 1/4. It was a very big deal!
6. I'm a sucker for classic cars and the boys that drive them.
7. I wear high heels nearly every day (see #5)
8. I have trouble sleeping in. Or staying in bed when I'm awake.
9. My friends inspire me.
10. Having 3 songs that I wrote on my new album is surreal to me. The first time I sang anything that I had written for David (my producer) I lied and said that my friend had written it until I could gauge a reaction!
11. I think feet are really gross.
12. I attended Catholic school.
13. I love to dance but never have ANY idea what I'm doing.
14. I'm a natural redhead and I would never dye my hair any other color.
15. I've never gotten a speeding ticket but I've been rear ended 3 times in the last year.
16. I love to throw dinner parties. (Last Thanksgiving I successfully cooked for//fed 20 of my closest friends!)
17. My favorite color is red and my lucky number is 9.
18. I hate olives.
19. I wear Agent Provocateur perfume everyday.
20. My underwear ALWAYS has to match.
21. My heritage is Norwegian, not Irish as many people think.
22. I'm a vegetarian.
23. My favorite artist is Billie Holiday and my favorite record of her "Lady in Satin"
24. I hate being misquoted in interviews (It happens a LOT)
25. I always try to do at least one nice thing for someone else everyday.

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